Fields of Expertise


Precise USB and standalone measurement cameras

In close cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague we are developing smart cameras and modules for precise contactless measurement. Our embedded video-sensor can be used as opened platform for standalone image processing applications. It is based on a powerful DSP core provided with 32MB of SDRAM and USB 2.0 interface. The key feature of this smart sensor is its modular conception which allows use of variety image sensors or customer interfaces.

Custom electronics design

Our team of engineers can help to form technical ideas, consult overall solution with technological proposal, prepare schematic and printed board designs, code software and firmware for required functionality and finalize development with prototype production. We have experience with high speed design, simple and low-cost microcontroller, DSP and FPGA implementation. We provide customer solution development compliant with IEC and FDA Design Controls Standards.

Real-time image processing algorithms

Besides the open smart cameras and USB precise cameras we offer also algorithms for image processing focused on precise position and dimensions measurement with PC, DSP or FPGA. Our cameras are equipped with a simple programming interface (DLL) which facilitates its integration into existing systems. Our PC based image processing library offers lightning fast video retrieval and video sequences indexing. For more details visit please – Video Matching Library project pages.