DUMX multiplexers are multi-channel transmitters for connecting multiple Mitutoyou (Mahr) gauges to computer via USB. Gauges data are accessible via a virtual COM port what allows the use of multiple application programs from variety of software manufacturers for data processing. Combined multiplexers allow connection of four/eight gauges equipped with Mitutoyo Digimatic interface and two instruments equipped with RS232 interface. The digital laboratory weights (Mettler, Kern, Precise, AND, CHYO, Ohaus, Sartorius) or device for wall thickness measurement (Sencon) . The  multiplexers are available in 5 and 9 channels setup, containing 4 and 8 Mitutoyo Digimatic interface gauges and single RS232 interface gauge. All channels can be controlled together by one footswitch. The multiplexers are additionally equipped with another completely separated RS232/USB converter and second footswitch input for arbitrary application.

Electronics  is installed into a massive anodized aluminum box. Front and rear panel are engraved. The box is equipped with rubber feet to ensure safe position on the desktop.


  • 4 or 8 input channels for DIGIMATIC interface instrument (Mitutoyo, Mahr)
  • One input channel of the instrument with RS232 interface (for example, digital weight)
  • Standard USB 2.0 full-speed interface for communication with computer
  • A foot switch to initiate the measurement from input channels
  • A completely independent RS232/USB converter for general use
  • Second foot switch for any use
  • Data and command compatible with Mitutoyo multiplexers
  • Powered from PC USB socket
  • Engraved aluminum box with heavy-duty labels
  • Multiplexers can be connected to a computer with Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, W7, Linux and Mac OS.
  • Variants of multiplexers:
    • DUMX9 – design (8 x Mitutoyo Digimatic + 1 x 232)
    • DUMX5 – five channels of type (4 x Mitutoyo Digimatic + 1 x RS232)

DUMXn main advantages

  • DUMXn allows its use both in laboratories and testing, and directly in industrial environment
  • DUMXn is powered from the USB port and does not need external power source
  • Matchless total solution price





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