DUMX4/8 Terminal

The data logger is designed to handle Mitutoyo and Mahr gauges in control procedure without any computer. It is equipped with a well-readable, backlit, black and white, graphic LCD display. The device stores controlled part definitions and control procedure. During measurement procedure it is permanently graphically indicated which parameter at which part is currently measured, given tolerance limits and which gauge has to be used. Operator can immediately check whether the measured value is in tolerance limits, eventually the measurement can be repeated. The navigation table is displayed for orientation and navigation in the control plan. The completed measurement can be sent to the PC via Blue-Tooth interface directly, or can be stored in the internal nonvolatile memory of the DUMX4/8-TE.

The basic user application DUMX Terminal Manager is provided with DUMX4/8-TE. DUMX Terminal Manager offer all the control and setup functions, measured data visualization, saving and exporting to the CSV (MS Excel) format or the Q-DAS ASCII Transfer Format.

The DUMX4/8-TE can be used also in multiplexer mode which offers the standard multiplexer functionality compatible with other multiplexers.


  • Two operating modes of the terminal / multiplexer
  • 4 or 8 input channels for DIGIMATIC (Mitutoyo, Mahr) instruments
  • Memory capacity to store 7 operator identifications, 7 products (control procedures), 20 complete measured samples (tables of values ​​for 16 parameters and 8 samples)
  • Industrial Bluetooth interface for communication with the computer in TERMINAL mode with a range of 100m in industrial halls
  • Standard USB interface for communication with the computer in Multiplexer mode
  • Well-readable, backlit, black and white, graphic LCD display
  • Cross-controller with micro switch
  • A foot switch to control input data from all input channels
  • Engraved aluminum box with heavy-duty labels
  • A completely independent RS232/USB converter for Multiplexer Mode
  • In multiplexer mode, data and command-compatible multiplexers with Mitutoyo
  • Export data to the CSV  (MS Excel) format or the  Q-DAS ASCII Transfer Format
  • Mains supply 230V power line through a USB adapter (in TERMINAL mode) or from a computer USB socket (Multiplexer mode)





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