Simple CMOS image sensor based digital camera with USB2.0 HighSpeed PC interface designed for laboratory and industrial vision systems. Insulated inputs and outputs allow precise time synchronization of image acquisition and measurement uncertainty caused by PC operating system services delay is minimized. Camera is equipped with device drivers that simplifies its integration into existing software based on C, C++ or managed environment .NET Framework (C#). Interface for MATLAB is also available.

Available also in binocular 3D version.

3D binocular camera was developed in close cooperation with Laboratory of Videometry, Department of Measurement, FEE CTU Prague.

Technical Parameters:

  • CMOS image sensor 1/3″ with resolution of 752×480 pixel (1, 3, 5 Mpix available)
    • global shutter
    • close IR spectra higher sensitivity
    • dynamic range enhancement
    • B/W or Color version available
  • AUTO/MANUAL exposition and signal gain control
  • ADC resolution 8-bit
  • Built-in simple circular illuminator
  • Two insulated digital configurable inputs
    • image acquisition synchronization
    • inputs state added to each frame / frame-line of image data
    • direct read from user software
  • Two insulated digital configurable outputs
    • external illuminator control
    • direct write from user software
  • Frame rate max. 54 fps
  • RAW image data transfer (no compression artifacts)
  • USB2.0 HighSpeed interface
  • Power supply from USB
  • Dimensions: 71 x 66 x 36 mm (without lens) or OEM version 60 x 60 x 36 mm
  • CS lens mount compatible
  • Possible customization of camera functions and drivers on request

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