Akdeniz DSP Platform Board

Universal DSP platform board based on a high performance Analog Devices ADSP-BF-532 digital signal processor from the Blackfin family. Provides full power management, reset control and interfaces the DSP with an external SDRAM, SPI FLASH and USB2.0. Other peripherals are available through the universal 44 pin 2.54 mm pitch connector. Mechanical size fits into the standard aluminium box from HAMMOND Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (e.g. model 1455J1201).

Applications: signal acquisition and real-time processing, multimedia applications, vision systems, real-time control systems, education and prototyping etc.

Technical Parameters

Board Dimensions and Pinout

Mechanical size fits into the standard aluminium box from HAMMOND Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (e.g. model 1455J1201).








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